Jennifer Lopez once sang "Love don't cost a thing." Boy, was she wrong.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $136.57 on Valentine's Day. That may sound like a lot, but it's actually down from the $146.84 they spend last year, which was a record. All told, we're going to pony up $18.2 billion, a decrease from the record $19.7 billion we coughed up in the name of love in 2016.

The $136.57 won't all go to one person. Here's a breakdown of how the money is spent:

$85.21 - partner
$26.59 - other relatives
$6.56 - children’s classmates/teachers
$6.51 - friends
$4.27 - co-workers
$4.44 - pets

The most popular gift? Candy, with nearly half of people expected to provide some relief to their loved ones' sweet teeth. That's followed by greeting cards (47%), a night on the town (37%), flowers (35%), jewelry (19%), clothing (19%) and gift cards (16%).

So, now that you know what American plans to do, tell us what you're planning. Valentine's Day demands we bring out the romantic in all of us, financially prosperous or not.