We're so busy talking about the holidays that the month of December is just flying by.

Isn't it crazy to think that 2018 is almost over? What a crazy year it has been. You can go back through all your pictures and try to pinpoint some of the highlights of your year. Or, you can check out your Instagram Best Nine.

Every year around the last few weeks of December you'll see people posting their #Best9 photos from Instagram all over social media. I'm guilty of it.

Accessing your Best Nine is pretty easy, although a little different from last year. This year I've learned that you need to download one of the many Best Nine apps. They're all free so it isn't a big deal, but a little more complicated than just going to a website.

I chose this option:

IMG_4776 (1)

You'll then connect your Instagram account with the app.

When the app opens (which may take a minute, due to an increase in popularity this time of year) you can choose the year you want to get your top photos from.


After a short wait, the app will generate your most popular pictures of the year you selected. Here's how I wrapped up my 2018:

best 9

Share with your friends and relive your favorite memories of the past year. What does your Best 9 look like? Share with us on Facebook!