SPOILER ALERT: Mountain Dew is half of the recipe.

Mountain Dew recently announced they're developing a hot sauce of their own but why wait? It might not look that appealing but don't knock it until you've tried it.

Mountain Dew hot sauce could be the most hillbilly fixins I've ever had but oddly enough it's not the worst.

Is should preface this article by saying I have absolutely no culinary experience which is sad because I only live about 30 minutes away from one of the most prestigious cooking schools in the nation maybe even the world. As creative as students are at the Culinary Institute of America I'm sure they'll even agree that not everything is meant to combined. One of those combinations that most of us can agree on is Mountain Dew and hot sauce of any kind.

I may have dispelled that myth.

Mountain Dew seems like it's been going through some weird changes. Maybe a mid life crisis? One of America's favorite sodas have been getting a little adventurous.

A few weeks ago we heard about the Mountain Dew margarita available at Red Lobster locations. If that wasn't weird enough it was recently announced that Mountain Dew is also developing their own limited edition habanero hot sauce according to Delish.

I had to try this absurd sauce so I decided to make my own instead of waiting. I was able to make a sweet and spicy glaze in a matter of seconds by mixing just Mountain Dew and Frank's RedHot Sauce and it wasn't terrible. I warned you that I didn't have any cooking experience.

T. Dickson
T. Dickson

Is there a better way to make the sauce? Possibly, and if you want to get crazy in the kitchen feel free to let me know how it turns out.


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