In the past, I have shared my limited knowledge of mushrooms in hopes that you might be intrigued and want to go mushroom hunting yourself. The truth is I really know a whole lot about foraging for fungus and if you are like me, you should consult an expert before you head out.

Hunting for mushrooms, or foraging as it is termed, has grown more and more popular in New York state and here in the Hudson Valley. There are many groups dedicated to finding mushrooms including walks and tours like the one that is coming up on October 2nd, 2022 at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum (HHNM) in Cornwall New York.

photo by PQ
photo by PQ

Mushroom Hunting Event in Cornwall, New York

If you want to learn how to spot mushrooms, and more importantly learn which ones to steer clear of, then you have to make a plan to join the fun at one of these two events being offered that day at the HHNM. Registration is pre-required and is now open for both sessions which will be held on October 2nd at 10 AM and 1 PM.

It is a fun way to learn about how mushrooms grow, as you know they can literally pop up overnight. You will learn other things as well like why not all mushrooms are edible. In the end, you even get to do some fungus arts and crafts. Fungus Among Us is just one of many events you can participate in at the HHNM this fall located at 120 Muser Drive in Cornwall.

Find Hudson Highlands Nature Museum Events

Follow the HHNM on Facebook to find out more about what they have to offer this fall and winter. Keep in mind that they are a membership organization and being a member means early access to events like Fungus Among Us and discounts on event tickets.

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