Have you noticed that some Hudson Valley delis now charge an operation fee at checkout?

If you are like most people when you go out to lunch, or place a to-go order at your favorite deli you never look at the receipt after you pay for everything, right? I can't remember the last time I looked at one...LOL! At most places, they will ask if you would like the receipt after you pay. Most of us say no but the next time you are asked you might want to check the receipt because some delis in the Hudson Valley have started charging an extra fee when you checkout.


Operations Fee

Personally, I have never heard of any restaurant or deli adding an operation fee at checkout before. I HAVE been told at numerous businesses in the area that if I choose to pay with a credit card I will be charged 4% to complete the transition. I guess it's the business passing along the fee that they are changed to swipe credit cards, which I'm fine with, but that's NOT the fee that a few places have started charging customers for.

Here's What Happened...

A friend of mine on Facebook posted the other day that after she picked up her take-out order from a popular Poughkeepsie Deli when she got back to work and started eating, she looked at the receipt and noticed that the deli added a 6% operations fee to her bill total.

Her post went on to say that after she noticed the fee on the receipt she contacted the establishment and was told that the additional fee was "a charge for the health of their workers." They also told her that some folks like leave a tip on top of the operation fee.

The health of the workers? I'm not sure what that means!! I do know that anytime I place an order anywhere I always leave a generous tip for whoever prepared my order. I tip when I sit and eat and tip when I get to-go orders but I think if my deli starts charging this I would have to rethink my tipping routine. I understand that on most orders 6% is not much, but it's something and in today's world and the cost of everything going as high as it has, every penny matters. At least to me it does...LOL!

Check Your Receipt

The next time you place an order at your favorite deli make sure you check the receipt to see exactly what you're paying for. Have you noticed this at your deli? Let us know through the Wolf country app.

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