A Dunkin' Donuts in Stony Point is looking to expand its operation, but local residents aren't exactly happy about it.

The Dunkin' Donuts at the corner of Willow Grove Road and Algonquin Drive is asking for an expansion that would triple the size of the location. People in the neighborhood are concerned that, since traffic is already a nightmare in the area, it's just going to make matters worse.

Lawyer Kevin Conway, who was hired by several of the neighbors near the store, says that the expansion would forever "change the neighborhood as it is now." But it's not just the new size of the business or increased traffic that people are worried about. There is also anger directed at the Stony Point Planning Board's lack of due process surrounding the expansion. And in fact, the addition of that Dunkin' Donuts to the existing gas station and convenience store was never legally approved in the first place.

While there seem to be several sides to this story, it seems like the expansion has certainly created a stir in Stony Point. The planning board is expected to vote on whether the expansion will be approved sometime this month.

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