A long time Hudson Valley family farm has gained protections that will ensure continued farming operations for generations. According to a press release from Scenic Hudson, the Saulpaugh Farm in Columbia County has received a conservation easement for more than 75 years. The family has owned 121 acres of land that helped make them the largest supplier of fresh green bean in the Hudson Valley.

In 2013 the family began working with Kukon Brothers LLC and transitioned into a more profitable grain operation. Scenic Hudson worked in conjunction with the Columbia Land Conservancy to secure a grant from New York State that made it all possible.

The grant made the easement feasible and contains a provision that ensures that the property will remain affordable for the Kukons to purchase so they can continue to build their business producing corn, beans, and hay that helps to support other food-producing farms in the region.

According to Scenic Hudson Senior Vice President, 'by permanently conserving this productive land – and ensuring it will always be affordable to farmers – this transaction supports access to nutritious food, never more vital than right now'.

Scenic Hudson has considered protecting Saulpaugh Farm a high priority as part of their Foodshed Conservation Plan which aims to create a stable source of fresh local food for residents of the Hudson Valley and New York City. For more information on the work Scenic Hudson is doing in the community to protect Hudson Valley farms, you can link up HERE.

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