There is a wide variety of land and water-based animals that call the Hudson Valley home some of which can live for longer than you might think. Scenic Hudson has compiled a list of local wildlife that will be around for a while.

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Atlantic Sturgeon can be found in the Hudson River and can grow up to 16 feet and weigh up to 800 pounds. They can live until they're around 60 years old so they've got plenty of time to grow. A snapping turtle can live until it's around 30 and a Canadian goose can be around for nearly a quarter-century. A black bear might not make it to 21 and an eastern rattlesnake and coyote can live until they're around 14.

For the full list of life expectancies for local animals, you'll find in the Hudson Valley, you can link up with Scenic Hudson HERE.

  1. Atlantic Sturgeon - 60
  2. Snapping Turtle - 30
  3. Canadian Goose - 24
  4. Black Bear - 20
  5. Eastern Rattlesnake/Coyote (tie) - 14

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