Have you joined the effort to help our lost pets in the Hudson Valley? If not what are you waiting for?

There are countless pets that go missing, are found or are taken from their homes in the Hudson Valley and the simple act of sharing, tweeting or talking can help more than you know. Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley is an amazing organization which focuses on helping pets who cant help themselves. It's up to us to ignite that effort and spread the information across the valley to reunite these pets with their families.

I know not everyone is an animal lover per-say but I'm sure you know someone who is (you know me right) so if nothing else help a sister out in her love for our fur friends and lets do what we can. Take a look below at our latest featured creatures and be sure to 'Like' Hudson Valley Lost Pets on Facebook, 'Follow' them on Twitter and check out their website for a full listing our or lost and found pets.

Your help is always appreciated!