A Wurtsboro man claims his brother ran him over with an ATV, and he's saying it was intentional. The Times Herald Record reports the incident took place Sunday when brothers Peter and Frank Labuda had an unpleasant confrontation.

The two have been estranged for some time. They currently live on neighboring properties that have been in the family since 1955. Frank Labuda is known locally as a Sullivan County judge.

No charges have been filed, but Peter claims Frank left him with a broken leg and ribs after he ran him over at full throttle. The injured Labuda claims he saw his brother recently at a coffee shop but Frank refused to communicate. This was the last straw for Peter. When he later saw him, he told him he could no longer ride his ATV on his side of the property. This is allegedly what set the other brother off and led to the incident.

Judge Labuda told the Times Herald Record it was an accident and that he had no additional comment.