If you're a deer hunter, you're more than likely aware that there are rules to the sport. If you don't follow them you could end up facing some serious fines.

There are many outlets to review the hunting rules and the Department of Environmental Conservation is always updating their site with new guidelines for the year. Conveniently the DEC also reports about when those rules aren't followed.

According to a DEC press release ECOs Robert Hodor and Kevin Wamsley recieved a call from the Hyde Park Police Department on October 28th in regards to an individual parked by the train tracks with a cross bow cocked in the front seat.


The individual admitted to Hodor and Wamsley that he was indeed hunting deer along the tracks.The man was ticketed for possessing a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, hunting with the aid of a motor vehicle, and hunting deer by means not specified, he was also issued appearance ticket for trespassing on the railroad tracks.

It doesn't end there.

During his initial interview, the suspect mentioned to Hodor and Wamsley that he had friends fishing near by. The ECO's headed up the track and found said individuals. When the ECO's approached the individuals "they smelled the odor of burnt marijuana." One of the suspects then handed over "over a container with drug paraphernalia, as well as controlled substances."

That man was then arrested and issued appearance tickets for criminal possession of a controlled substance and trespassing.