I'm not a vegetarian so this is as close to eating green as it gets for me.

That little leprechaun guy was right. New Yorkers are always after his lucky charms especially if they're layered on a pizza.

It's St. Patrick's Day and we all know how times are still weird and unprecedented and all of that. We're now a year into the pandemic and last year we thought things would be different by now. Though they're definitely different I guess we thought that they would be normal. Despite COVID-19 numbers being down and having the vaccine the reality is that people just aren't going to be going out and partying like they did in previous years. That being said, if our St. Paddy's Day traditions need to change then maybe our traditional food should change too.

Every year around this time we seem to celebrate the same old Irish foods. You either have to get corned beef, potatoes, shepherds pie or a Shamrock Shake. Of course those foods are absolutely amazing but maybe it's time to change things up.

Someone once told me that you could literally eat a pizza on any occasion. I'd eat a pizza at a birthday party, retirement party, wedding reception or even a funeral. I can absolutely see myself eating a pizza on St. Patrick's Day.

Pizza Mia in Newburgh is known for making some outrageous pizzas and this latest one could be their most festive and magically delicious one yet.

The dessert pizza is made with Leprechaun Sugar Cookies, Mini Frosted Cookies and a fried Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Crust!

Who else is ready to trade in the corned beef and cabbage?


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