A Hudson Valley police department has done it again, this time saving a baby deer.

Police officers across the Hudson Valley get called on daily to jump into action for a variety of reasons. Often times they are called on when we need help with something that's happened unexpectedly, either at work, at home, in the car, or in this case when a piece of wildlife gets stuck in a situation they can't get out of on their own.

Town of Ramapo Police Department/Facebook
Town of Ramapo Police Department/Facebook

Baby Deer Rescued in Ramapo, New York

It was another example of, "police get called for everything"...LOL! Back at the beginning of June the Town of Ramapo Police Department in Rockland County was dispatched to a house in the Village of Wesley Hills for a report of a fawn (baby deer) that got itself stuck in a situation that it couldn't get itself out of without help. According to the Ramapo Police Department's Facebook page, Officer Callinan was quickly on the scene to help assist a fawn that fell into a stairwell of a basement and it was all caught on video.

In the video Officer Callinan gently assists the fawn out of the stairwell and released him back into the wild. There's no word if the fawn caught back up with family members or not but as far as the rescue goes, JOB WELL DONE RPD!

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Raccoon Rescue

This isn't the first time Ramapo Police has been called to help with wildlife. Last month we shared how officers were called to help rescue two young raccoons from a chimney at a house in the Viola section of Rockland County. Officer Winter, RPD's "own wildlife expert" was on scene and able to remove both raccoons from the chimney unharmed. That rescue was also captured on video and is available here.

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