Recently the New York State Thruway Authority announced an absolutely massive paving plan that will affect one of the busiest roadways in all of the Hudson Valley.

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Plans are in place to begin the project on busy I-287. It is estimated that this project should be completed by the end of the year, however, that plan is subject to change though due to the potential for weather events.   

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Where Will This Massive Construction Job Take Place?

The location of this massive job on I-287 is equally as big as the money that will be spent to complete the job. A roughly 10-mile long section of I-287 between the towns of Ramapo in Rockland County and Tuxedo in Orange County will be the setting for this job.


This section of I-287 according to the press release released by the Thruway Authority is 'one of the more heavily traveled in our entire system' with an estimated 92,000 travelers using it every day. Some of the work on this area has been going on for months now, with the installation of a new guide rail. In order to prevent obstructing motorists as much as possible, paving operations in the area will take place overnight.

The press release also states that the job will consist of...

full-depth pavement repairs, meaning crews will remove and replace the most deteriorated portions on a nearly 10-mile stretch of roadway (from milepost 29.4 to 38.7), down to its subbase in both the northbound and southbound direction.


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The workers and the asphalting machines
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The end goal is to strengthen the roads 'structural integrity'. In addition, crews will also other less stressed areas with the 10-mile stretch. Finally, additional safety improvements will be made such as new reflective line stripping and upgrades to the drainage system.

Road work ahead sign against asphalt road
Road work ahead sign against asphalt road

A Lot of Asphalt and A Lot of Money

As with any massive plan like this one, it costs A LOT of money. In total, the project was approved with a price tag of just under $45 million dollars, $44.6 to be exact. A bidding war of sorts actually took place to see who would be the company to take on the hefty job, which eventually was won by Yonkers Contracting Company, Inc.

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The Thruway Authority is bound to tackle more massive projects like this one in the future. This year alone the TA invested $413 million into its Capital Program. This Capital Program is also estimated to support $1.9 BILLION worth of capital projects by the year 2027.

asphalt detail of road

When it comes to the Thruway system itself, the number of motorists that use it is simply astonishing. It was estimated in the press release that in the year 2022 alone, motorists took '376 million trips and drove 7.7 billion miles on the Thruway system'. That is a lot of driving.

What New York State Thruway Rest Stops Looked Like in the 1950s

According to the Thruway Authority, the very first rest stops were erected in the mid-1950s offering travelers cafeteria-style food, coffee, and snacks. Today, these rest stops are going through their second major remodel which will bring new restaurants and amenities for Thruway travelers. According to these old images from the Thruway Authority, our local rest stops have come a long way in seventy years.

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