Once again this year a local law enforcement agency is warning residence to be on the lookout for a scam. This time it is not via your phone but instead your front door. Town of Lloyd Police issued a warning today via facebook that residence should be on the lookout for people posing as employees of the Water department. Apparently suspects gain entrance to a residence.

They are referring to it as a Utility Alert. They want to remind residence that the Town of Lloyd Water Department would pre-schedule their visit to your home. Water Department workers would never ask for entrance to your home without notifying the home owner first. In the case of an emergency this would be different. If their was an emergency you could expect multiple Town of Lloyd Water Department workers and their equipment. All of this would be present out side the affected area.

The Town of Lloyd Police along with the Water Department are telling residents to ask for identification from any utility worker that arrives to their property. They also want you to notify the police if you believe that the identification is falsified in any way. They are also encouraging your to notify the police if you see or feel that their is any suspicious behavior by someone posing as a Town Utility worker.

Once your have notifies the authorities they can verify if work is being done in your area and send someone to check on the identity of the worker.