It's funny what you discover when you're looking for something else. It's like when you are cleaning your bedroom, and then you rediscover your old favorite shirts and you start playing with toys you haven't seen in years. And then you forget what you were doing in the first place and get totally sidetracked!

That was kind of like me when I was doing some research for an article last week. To be honest, I don't even remember what I was writing at the time, but it led me to find a list of the populations for the Hudson Valley.

I was blown away by the stark differences between certain counties. The Hudson Valley has over 2 million residents. For reference, New York City is just under 8.5 million people. Though we have much more land than the city, we only have about a fourth of the population of the city. No wonder when you tell people you're from New York, they automatically assume you're from the city.

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As for the state, New York State has about 19.84 million residents. That means that the Hudson Valley counts for about a tenth of New York's total population.

Have you ever wondered which Hudson Valley counties have the most people? Well, we got the answers below! I'll be honest, there were a few that I thought were going to have much more, and don't. Then there were others that I figured would have had much less, and I found out I was totally wrong. What do you think? Check out the populations below!

12) Greene County - 49,000

11) Columbia County - 63,000

10) Sullivan County - 80,000

9) Putnam County - 100,000

8) Rensselear County - 160,000

7) Ulster County - 180,000

6) Saratoga County - 220,000

5) Dutchess County - 300,000


4) Albany County - 310,000

3) Rockland County - 320,000

2) Orange County - 370,000

1) Westchester County - 1.0 Million


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