Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket while driving in the Hudson Valley? Several local towns are among highest when it comes to collecting fines from motorists. NewYorkUpstate.com takes a look at the 50 locales that you are most likely to get stopped and fined in Upstate New York.

These figures were compiled using town and village court information courtesy of the New York state comptroller's office for the year 2017. If you're curious how much your town has collected, you can check out this database and search by town or county.

Number one overall is the Town of Amherst in Erie County with a grand total of $3,423,519. The highest ranked local town in Walkill with $3.3 million. Here are a few highlights, we'not going to list them all. For the complete Top 50, link up with NewYorkUpstate.com.

  • #48 Town of Pleasant Valley $628,836
  • #46 Town of Lloyd $645,153
  • #41 Town of Liberty $700,693
  • #38 Town of New Paltz $713,779
  • #31 Town of Tuxedo $791,723
  • #26 Town of Wappinger $819,422
  • #22 Town of New Windsor $938,209
  • #21 Town of Woodbury $945, 844
  • #14 Town of Ulster $1,290,960
  • #9 Town of Poughkeepsie $1,502,901
  • #6 Town of East Fishkill $1,629,672
  • #5 Town of Newburgh $1,714,499
  • #2 Town of Wallkill $3,317,544

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