You can't help but wonder how some of these items ended up where they did.

I really enjoy walking and I've been walking even more lately with summer right around the corner (thankfully). I've noticed during my walks that you encounter some pretty odd things or trash I should say on some of the Hudson Valley walking spots.

Last year when I was walking I found a pair a men's boxers and I still want to know the story behind it...

I was recently on a walk and when I turned my head and looked, I noticed another kinda strange object just sitting there.

What other strange object has been found in a Hudson Valley walking spot?

A belt, yes a belt was found.

I'll back up the story a little bit, I was walking in Hopewell Junction the other day and decided to go on a different path to take advantage of the bigger hill it offered. I started my route and almost jumped because I thought I saw a snake and I CAN'T stand snakes.


Well, thankfully it was not a snake.

I noticed a black belt and my first thought was how did it get there? It was a good distance from the road, but not too hidden or pushed back in the woods...where we all know what could have been going on,

I didn't want to get that close to it, but it did look like it was in pretty good condition which was even more surprising.

So, did someone really just throw their belt out of the window? Why not wait until your home? There are so many questions, but no real answers for this mystery.

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