The Town of New Windsor Planning Board has ordered an environmental impact study on a proposed trash to fuel facility proposed for a piece of property close to Stewart Airport.

The Times Herald-Record reports the project would cost around $35 million and would employ 16-18 people when finished. The 69,000 square foot building would be on a 12-acre property and could convert around 150,000 tons of garbage each year.

At a meeting Wednesday, the board voted to endorse a positive declaration which means a project could have adverse effects on the community and warrants a full environmental review.

Residents have concerns about the increase in traffic which would see around 40 trucks a day entering the facility. There are also worries that the place will stink like garbage.

Company representatives stated that no burning will actually take place at the New Windsor location and described the process as advanced composting. Air passes through a filter and the resulting odor can be described as 'mulch-like'.

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