I haven't seen a box of Lunchables in years. Imagine my surprise when I found a gummy one while shopping at a store here in the Hudson Valley.

If you grew up in the 1990's then there's a good chance you had found a Lunchables in your brown lunch bag. If you didn't then you were probably jealous of the student who did. They weren't cheap so I usually got them on special occasions like field trips or when my parents didn't want to make me anything.

The turkey and Swiss Lunchables were good but the pizza one was the best. Who doesn't love cold pizza on hard flat bread with baby pepperonis? I only remember 3 kinds of Lunchables. I was shocked to learn that not only do they still make Lunchables but there are my kinds than ever before.

There's also a line of gummy flavored Lunchables. You can buy them at Five Below stores in the Hudson Valley but why would you want to?