Elves are some of the season's most essential workers and even they need to mask up while they are doing their job. One crafter in the Hudson Valley is making tiny masks for the elves just in time for Christmas.

It's officially that time of year when the elves come out to play. It might look like they're having fun but looks can be deceiving. They're not playing but rather the elves are hard at work.

In case you're not familiar with the elf on the shelf tradition it's where Santa hires some elf helpers to keep an eye on kids to make sure they're behaving before Christas. They  report the child's progress to the big man in the red suit.

The pandemic has ensured us that Christmas will look very different this year just like every other holiday since April. The dinner table may look a little lighter, there may be less carolers and even some of the decorations might have change.

A local listing on Facebook Marketplace, a woman is selling handmade masks for elves and even dolls for $1.50.

The masks can be shipped and there are a ton of color options available.

She also makes hand masks for dolls as well. Most kids want their doll to mimic reality and even though reality is a little strange they still will want their dolls to dress the same way they do. The doll masks are available for $2.50.

Credit: Cynthia Nestor
Credit: Cynthia Nestor

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