I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. None.

Someone recently called the Hudson Valley a doughnut desert. Yes, someone made the bold claim that it's dang near impossible to get good doughnuts from around here. Who can believe that? I challenge whoever said that to spend about 2 days with me. I'll take you to a spot where we can get a good doughnut or two or maybe a dozen.

I grew up in Michigan and there weren't a lot of good bakeries around. In the town where I grew up, we had one local bakery and that was where we got all of our fresh pastries. we didn't even have a Dunkin'. That was a real doughnut desert.

The Hudson Valley has several options for doughnuts. There's Dunkin', Stewart's, Cosmic Donuts, Glazed Over Donuts and we just got one more. It's called Peaceful Provisions and it's on Main Street in Beacon. They sell vegan doughnuts. These doughnuts have been around for a while but they were always made to order. Now that they have a permanent location they are first come first serve. If you've heard about these doughnuts and you want to get some you had better be first. I got there just as they were finishing the second batch and I had to wait outside for about 20 minutes.


I've been a fan of these doughnuts since they were only available in Peekskill and Croton. You'd think I would have been grandfathered in to skip the line.


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