A few weeks ago, we reported that it is highly likely that Gander Mountain will be closing or reducing the number of locations as bankruptcy looms in their future. This lead me to think, 'Where would one buy a gun or ammo if Gander Mountain closes?' I have been a huge fan of the store since it first opened in Kingston, maybe because I love the run around in the tents that they have set up in the back of the store, play with the BBQ smokers and check out all of the outdoor cooking wares each and every time I go there. It's like for a few minutes I get to take a vacation each time I go into one of their stores (or Bass Pro Shops).

But where would one go for guns & ammo? Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley:

  • Civil Armory, Route 44, Pleasant Valley
  • Collector Ammo & Rifle in Hopewell Junction
  • Online retailer, based in Poughkeepsie, Top Gun Tactical
  • Safari Outfitters, Salt Point, NY
  • Lounsbury Sporting Goods, Middletown
  • Monell Custom Guns, Pine Bush
  • Thruway Sporting Goods, Walden

Gander Mountain (as of this writing) has not yet announced that any specific stores are closing, until then the stores in Middletown and Kingston are still open for business.