Every Friday at 5 PM Simon counts down the top five most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts.

Interesting fact I just learned, Dennis Lloyd is from Italy. His song 'Nevermind' did very well in Europe before it started blowing up in the states, this week it sits at number five on our countdown. Twenty One Pilots slips all the way to number four with 'Nevermind'. Muse have come out of the gate pretty quickly with their new jam 'Something Human', you can expect their new album to drop in November. It was a very close match up between Weezer and Imagine Dragons this week, but 'Natural' came out on top. You'll probably hear it on the TV this fall because it's the theme song to NCAA college football this year.

5. Dennis Lloyd 'Nevermind'

4. Twenty One Pilots 'Jumpsuit'

3. Muse 'Something Human'

2. Weezer 'Africa'

1. Imagine Dragons 'Natural'