Starting today some city buildings in the City of Middletown will be temporarily closing their doors to the public.

Many scientific experts anticipated that we would see a rise in coronavirus cases once the weather got colder and we may have reached that point. Some experts in the Hudson Valley believe that the second wave is already here. Some argue whether it ever really went away.

The Hudson Valley Post reports that the Hudson Valley has recently seen coronavirus case numbers that have not been reached since April. Many residents and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley are still doing their part to maintain social distancing measures mandated by the state to help combat the spike numbers.

The City of Middletown is taking extra precautions due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases throughout the Hudson Valley.  According to a post on The City of Middletown's Official Facebook page, The City of Middletown will be sealing off certain city buildings from the public starting on Wednesday, November 18.

The list of closed buildings includes Fire Houses, The Department of Water, The Police Station, City Hall and the Senior Center.

The City responded to comments on the post stating the the Department of Motor Vehicles would remain open for now. Courts will also remain open until further notice as well.

Will other cities follow suit and take similar actions?

We can only hope measures like this could avoid another shut down in the future.


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