Tis the season for giving, and what's better than the gift of music? While speaking with The Music Experience's Squiggy for this edition of Gear Factor powered by Sweetwater, Incubus DJ Chris Kilmore recalled exactly how he landed his first pro turntables, coming out of a Christmas bet with his father.

Kilmore, who admitted he started on a Fisher Price turntable, decided when he was growing up that he needed something more professional and sought out some Technics 1200s, but his father didn't exactly get why he needed two.

“My dad made me pay for my first turntable because I kept bugging him and bugging him and bugging him for two Technics. He was like, ‘Why do you need two?’" recalled the DJ. "So I got a job at McDonalds and I saved the money and bought a Technics 1200 and two months later underneath the Christmas tree was another one. My dad bet me, ‘Hey if you buy one, I’ll buy the other.’”

During the chat, Kilmore also recalled his first mixer - a Gemini that had four channels, no crossfader and rotary knobs, and said he probably lifted some needles from his father's other electronics.

While a DJ is not something that every band has, Kilmore says he considers himself lucky to have found a home with Incubus. “I’m very fortunate. I have a band that let’s me do whatever I want. As long as it sounds good, they’re really into whatever sounds good, whether it’s hip-hop or rock and roll or Middle Eastern music," says Kilmore. "As a DJ I feel like I can adapt into any situation as long as I keep an open mind and remember that this is a tool that I have and I can use it anywhere.”

Listen to more of Incubus DJ Chris Kilmore's chat with Squiggy in the player below and look for Incubus returning to the road in 2019 at these stops. Get all your gear needs met at Sweetwater.com.

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