You're hungry, it's dinner time and there's nor'easter. Can your pizza delivery wait?

There is all kinds of etiquette when it comes to dealing with delivery people between how you greet them, how long of a time limit you give them and of course how much you tip them. There's another piece of etiquette that has recently come to light.

Maybe you want to be lazy and order in on a cold and winter night. That's fine but is it okay to do so during a snow storm?

It's a legitimate argument. Think about it. There's a blizzard outside. The roads are terrible. You've hunkered down for the night. Why on earth would you expect some 19 year old with bald tires head out on the road to give you a pie?

Are you guilty of ordering a slice in a snow storm? Do you see a problem with it?

If you do you had better throw in a good tip.