I absolutely love this time of year in New York. The crisp weather and beautiful foliage colors really make the Hudson Valley one of the top places to celebrate fall across the country.

With that being said, as I traveled a little further upstate Lake George over the week I was slightly surprised. I wasn't seeing all those bright reds, oranges, and yellows that I thought I would be seeing this time of year while taking the scenic ride upstate.

Is the fall foliage in New York stalling this year? What gives?

ABC 7 New York's meteorologist Lee Goldberg there is a science behind the foliage color change and the timing in which it happens. Goldberg explained on ABC7NY.com stating:

"Last year, we were coming out of a drought, and that muted some of the colors, it was a decent fall season, but could have been better. This year, we were soaked over the summer, which could have stressed out a lot of the trees, but we ended September with a pretty long dry stretch. And that should help so brilliant colors a possibility, although the season may be a little late."

So, will we be seeing big foliage changes in the Hudson Valley this week? Well, we'll start to see some. According to the ILOVENY Foliage tracker, we're just about to see some change in the mid-Hudson region.


Spotters are reporting "Beacon and Fishkill predict leaves will be 40% changed by the weekend" while there is a 25% change in New Paltz, Newburgh and Hudson.

Where will you be doing your leaf-peeping this weekend?

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