Did you ever participate in this? Did you like going to work with your parents or were you as miserable as I was?

The fourth Thursday of April is an opportunity to bring your little one to work. I would have loved participate this year with my newborn daughter but unfortunately my crying 7 month old daughter probably wouldn't make the best cohost for a radio show. If anyone is going to cry at work it is going to be me.

Did you ever go to work with your parents when you were younger?

I did and it was awful. I hated school so if there was an opportunity for me to escape for a day I jumped at it even if it meant going to work with my father. My mom worked for general motors and they didn't allow kids there for safety and security reasons. My dad owned his own masonry business so I went with him every year. I was always so jealous of other kids at school because they all got to sit in nice air conditioned offices while playing on a computer or coloring. I was mixing mortar and carrying around cinder blocks. I'd try to hide in the port-a-potty as much as I could. Do you blame me?

If you spent time at work with your parents did you have a good or bad experience? Did you love it? Do you have any funny memories? We encourage you to share them with us.

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