This Hudson Valley restaurant seems to be the most popular spot where all the celebrities go and visit.

Everyone calls this area 'Hollywood on the Hudson' and it seems like that's pretty true these days. Celebrities have owned homes in the Hudson Valley for years, but it seems like lately the Hudson Valley has become an even bigger hub for celebrities who want a simpler life and it's now become a mecca for filming due to the beautiful landscapes it offers.

There seems to be one restaurant in the Hudson Valley that all the celebrities seem to flock to, literally they all go there. I swear, It seems like every other week a celebrity is photographed there and their picture surfaces on social media.

I might need to apply there for a job...

So what restaurant are we talking about? The spot is in Kingston, it's by the water and it has a very county feel to it....any ideas about what location I'm talking about?

What restaurant do all the celebrities go to in Kingston, NY?

I guess I have to say it...Ole Savannah Southern Table and Kitchen in Kingston. I can't say I'm shocked, I've been there a few times and the food is great, the location is beautiful and there are awesome views of the water there. Also want to point out that they have fabulous fried pickles and I am a fried pickle connoisseur....

Before I tell you who was recently there, how about we take a look at the celebrities who have visited Ole Savannah in the past:

Celebrity Diners That Have Visited Ole Savannah, Kingston NY

Can you name ALL of the famous people who have visited one of Kingston's favorite restaurants on the Rondout? Owner David Amato has shared some of his favorite photos from over the years of Ole Savannah's celebrity visitors.

Gallery Credit: Val Turco

I seriously need to find out if they are hiring...

Who is the latest celebrity that was spotted at Ole Savannah in Kingston, NY?

He's a journalist, attorney, author, and political commentator. You have surely seen him on television somewhere during his long career and he was also on the very popular show 'Dancing with the Stars'...

Yes, Geraldo Rivera was spotted hanging out at Ole Savannah in Kingston and it looked like he was having a great time. No word on what he was doing there or why he was in the Hudson Valley, but we can just add him to the list of well-known faces that hang out there. The big question is, I wonder what he ordered there?

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Keep your eyes open the next time you go there because you never know who will pop up next.

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