I know there have been a lot of shortages to hit the Hudson Valley since the global pandemic. There was the big toilet paper shortage, the Clorox Wipes shortage, the paper towel and napkin shortage. They even advised everyone to do early holiday shopping because there would be a toy shortage.

I can deal with a lot of shortages, but the one thing I can not live with is a shortage of pet food. I have 2 indoor cats, 3 outdoor cats, a couple of garage cats, and a cat who happily lives upstairs in our attic. Please don’t judge me, they’re all fixed, clean, and well-fed. And I’d like to keep them well fed. So, a pet food shortage seriously affects my household. Just look at the picture above. It was taken in the pet food aisle this week at Stop & Shop in Hyde Park.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even aware of this shortage until this week. I buy my cat food a few cases at a time, so it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been shopping for it. Now I’m getting low on cat food and I’m starting to get nervous. I’ll be heading to my favorite pet store in Poughkeepsie later this week and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will have my brand of cat food, which is the only food my cat Noodles will eat.

Here’s my question. Are you having a hard time finding pet food over the past week or so? From what I’ve seen on Facebook, it looks as though a lot of Stop & Shop customers are finding empty shelves when they hit the pet food aisles. If you are still seeing full shelves of pet food, where are you shopping? Maybe you can help some of us out. Thanks, and here’s hoping our pets don’t go hungry this holiday season.

Hudson Valley Pets in the snow

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