Food trucks have become a huge business over the past decade. I remember when the only food trucks around were hot dog trucks. There was one in the 1970s parked right on the hairpin turn on the way up to Minnewaska, and we stopped there often. Who knew back then that there would come a day that we would be able to get lobster from a food truck?

Well, that day has arrived. There are all kinds of food trucks all over the country, and we here in the Hudson Valley certainly have a fair share of them. Cousins Lobster brings their food trucks to the Hudson Valley quite often, and there is also a food truck called Off the Hook in Ulster County where you can get great lobster rolls. There are food trucks for just about every cuisine. Barbecue, Thai food, gourmet grilled cheese, even cocktails. The list goes on and on.

So, you would think that somebody around here would create a food truck park. You know, a place where you could choose from several food trucks, sit down, and enjoy your meal. Well, somebody actually may be doing just that. I must confess, I’m guessing here, but there was a guy that called in on The Boris and Robyn Show the other day that made me think it might just be happening.

We were not talking about food trucks, but the guy that called in mentioned that he had ordered six picnic tables. Of course that made Boris and I curious and we asked why on earth did he need six picnic tables. He said he needed them for something “fun” that he hopes to bring to Maybrook. And then he said the words food truck park. Food truck park? In Orange County? Yes, please! Again, it’s only speculation, but how cool would a food truck park be? Pretty cool, I think, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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