This week's Loud List video is a compilation of 10 fans who went too far at concerts.

Concert crowds have definitely seemed more reckless lately, but misbehaved fans are nothing new to rock and metal. We compiled clips of some fans that went a bit beyond just misbehaved for this video, though.

One person was intentionally shouting during a ceremony where KISS' Gene Simmons was being commemorated. The rocker took the microphone and asked the venue to shine a light on the person so that he could confront them and get them to be quiet.

Another clip shows someone heckling Pantera's Philip Anselmo, but the singer didn't tolerate it and told him off onstage. The show seemingly took place in New Orleans, as the singer told the person that it was his home.

During one of Sebastian Bach's performances, the singer threatened a show attendee who apparently did something to his mother. It's unclear what the person did, but it made the vocalist incredibly angry.

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"Don't fuck around with my fucking mother if you fucking want to get out of here alive," Bach shouted to the person.

There are other clips from shows featuring Nine Inch Nails, The Sex Pistols and more. See the full video compilation below.

Just don't be that person at concerts. You're just gonna ruin everyone else's time.

10 Fans Who Went Too Far at Concerts

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Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire