Get ready to take an adventure and journey in time. There is one New York State man made structure over 370 years old.

Have you ever heard of the The Wyckoff House? This home located at 5816 Clarendon Road in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City is one of the oldest homes in all of America. It's currently the oldest surviving structure in New York State, oldest in Brooklyn, and oldest on Long Island. It was built in 1652. Yes, over 370 years ago and the home is going strong.

It is situated on land that Wouter van Twiller purchased from the local Lenape people in approximately 1636. The Wyckoff family moved in around 1652. The house is one of the oldest surviving examples of a Dutch frame house in America, and it was one of the first structures built by Europeans on Long Island. The majority of the current structure was added in the 19th century, with the small kitchen section dating back to the 18th century."

The home currently serves as a museum. The museum is located inside Fidler-Wykoff Park.

The Old Kitchen houses a rare jambless hearth, a very fine common fireplace style among the Dutch in the American colonies. Various cooking pots and utensils are on display, along with earthenware dishes, pewter vessels, a butter churn, cider press, and work table. The kitchen also has a significant display of colonial and nineteenth‐century lighting devices. The parlors are restored to their original condition, painted in the traditional New York colors of orange and blue. The common parlor contains a variety of items used for home textiles, including wool cards, a spinning wheel, and drop spindles.

You can read more of the history online here.

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Fidler-Wyckoff Park and Grounds is open to the public during our public hours and most weekdays when the gates are open, and on Saturdays from May through November. Check their official website here to learn more.

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