It was the second major fire in 2 months at an apartment complex in Spring Valley, NY.

Rockland News reports that the second major fire in two months occurred this past Monday night at Surrey Carlton Apartments at 53 Ewing Ave, displacing 50 people. It's terrible to think of so many people losing their homes and probably most of their belongings now with possibly nowhere to go.

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It was reported that the blaze around 9:30pm on Monday night quickly escalated with heavy flames engulfing a third-floor unit. A dramatic rescue occurred when a woman trapped inside had fallen unconscious but was saved by quick-acting neighbors. A firefighter was also said to have sustained minor burns from falling debris. Both individuals were hospitalized and said to have been in stable condition.

Teams from Hillcrest, Spring Valley, and Monsey fire departments battled the fire for approximately an hour before extinguishing it. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, with more than 20 apartments suffering extensive smoke and water damage, leading to widespread displacement.

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Troubling Pattern of Fires at Surrey Carlton Apartments

The latest fire at Surrey Carlton Apartments follows a fire that occurred just this past February at the same complex, displacing 86 residents. Authorities are said to be probing all angles to determine the cause of the fire and assess safety protocols at the apartment complex.

Photos posted in a Spring Valley, NY Facebook group shows the extensive damage done to the apartment complex. You can see them here.

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