Is it the final piece of the puzzle? Fans of one of Kingston, NY's favorite restaurants are rejoicing after owners made an exciting announcement about the latest update to their business.

Armadillo Mexican restaurant in Kingston, NY was recently resurrected after nearly closing after more than 40 years in business. Armadillo's chef, who had been working his culinary magic in their kitchen for 20 years, took over ownership, and the final change announced on their Facebook page could be the cherry on top of their comeback story.

Armadillo Kingston recently announced a big update to their business in Ulster County, NY
Armadillo Kingston recently announced a big update to their business in Ulster County, NY (Google)

Armadillo Restaurant Returns to Kingston, NY

The first request that came from countless fans of the restaurant was a return to their celebrated menu from yesteryear. "Bring back the old menu!", said one Armadillo fan. "Congratulations [on new ownership]. Hope to see the 'old' Armadillo back. I’ve been missing the tostada carbon", said another. Right behind the menu requests was one final query that was just answered earlier this month.

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"Sharing the good news for my friends at the Armadillo!", began a recent post from Armadillo Kingston's official Facebook page. "Liquor Permit has arrived and the margaritas are flowing". Obtaining the license was a difficult process that restaurant owners called "slower than anticipated". They celebrated the news with half-priced margaritas for the remainder of the week.

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Ulster county diners were full of positivity for the restaurant that may finally be able to "just" focus on their food and drinks instead of navigating the legal maze of transferring ownership and obtaining their liquor license. After you've tried the best Mexican food Ulster county has to offer, check out the stars of Dutchess county below.

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