A huge object dropped right in the middle of a busy Hudson Valley highway snarled traffic for hours on Tuesday.

You never know what you're going to encounter when you hit the open roads of New York. Just when Hudson Valley commuters think they've seen it all, another strange incident will come along to make their drive one to remember.

While it's common to see a deer or bear lumbering across the highway, Hudson Valley drivers have also had to navigate around some strange wildlife. It's not unusual for local drivers to see a stray moosepeacock or swan jump in front of their vehicle while trying to get to work.

Hutch Parkway Hudson Valley New York
Westchester County Police Department

Mysterious Object Lands on Hudson Valley Highway

On Tuesday police took to social media to warn drivers about a huge metal box that had been dropped on the Hutchinson River Parkway. Just before noon the Westchester County Police Department posted a photo of a storage container sitting in the lefthand lane.

The enormous box appeared to have fallen off of a vehicle and landed on the road at the exit for King Street. The object was entirely blocking the left lane and a portion of the right lane. Cars were forced to slow down and carefully navigate the area as traffic cones, flares and police lights warned drivers of the odd blockade.

Hutch Parkway
Westchester County Police Department

It took over two hours for the large metal container to be removed. An update from the Westchester County Police Department just after 2pm announced that all lanes were reopened.

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