It's not something you see everyday in the Hudson Valley.

I'll back up a little bit, I had a long day yesterday and decided to get gas on the way home from work. I was going to put it off until the next day, but that's one of the worst choices you can make as an adult. I was pretty tired, it was starting to rain hard and I really just wanted to get home. I was driving home and I noticed the driver on the other side of the road was acting funny...they completely stopped and had their head and hands out the window.

I slowed down, got closer and saw that a swan was taking its sweet time and walking down the road.

I was about 5 minutes from home and it took me an extra 20 minutes to get home because of the Swan. The swan was having a nice little early evening stroll down the road.


(Not the best picture, but I was trying to make sure he didn't get hit)

I really wasn't sure what to do. I followed the swan at first, but then pulled over and told the car behind me so they didn't think I was being a crazy driver. The swan just keep walking like it had all the time in the world.

When a car started to drive on the other side I was able to flag them down and tell them about the swan. One driver suggested that I try to move it, but for everyone's best interest I declined I'm not about to add swan wrangler to my resume and I try to respect all wildlife.

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What happened to the swan on the road in the Hudson Valley?

Thankfully, two brave guys stepped up and helped with the situation that was going on. They were able to stop traffic on both sides and with a jacket kinda shoo-ed the swan into the woods. The swan was safe, traffic stopped, the road was not blocked and all was well again in Dutchess County right in the Hudson Valley.

REMINDER: Never harm any animal in the Hudson Valley.

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