There are a lot of great choices, but this one might be the best.

One really cool thing about social media is that it highlights and shows great places that we might not be familiar with. I've learned a ton about the Hudson Valley through Facebook/Instagram/TikTok and more. I've went to new restaurants, bars, hiking spots and more because someone highlighted how awesome they are on social media.

Social Media also has encouraged us to take pictures of everything we do. Every encounter with friends, the food we ate, the places we go and see and more. Some people say this is a bad thing and people aren't enjoying the moment when they do and others say it's a great way to preserve memories and lets us look back on an awesome day.

The jury is still out on that one.

Regardless, we all still take pictures and we all want to find that perfect spot. Remember postcards? They were a snapshot of a place you went to and the picture really said it all without having to explain anything.

If you're looking for that perfect postcard shot that represents the Hudson Valley we might have found your spot.

Where is the perfect place in the Hudson Valley for an iconic postcard shot?

So we didn't find it, but someone else did. The Kingston Happenings Instagram page recently showed the Ashokan Reservoir Spillway. All I can say is W0W.

The stunning views of the water are amazing and it really takes your breathe away when you see it. If you had to some up the Hudson Valley in one picture, this really could be it. It shows how there's beautiful water here, how the views are great, how peaceful it can be and how there's isn't another place like here out there.

Go get that perfect picture to show your friends and family.

***Side note: you most likely will need a second person with you in the car to take an amazing picture. Don't be taking pictures and driving.

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