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Stop Pretending Like You're Going To Quit Social Media
Stop acting like you're going to quit using Facebook and other social media platforms. We know you'll be back. Nothing gets under my skin more than these noble social media warriors who claim that defriending Tom is the key to happiness.
What is the Social Bandwagon and Are You On Board?
Pictures or it didn't happen, right? When you go places do you only have one question on your mind? Is it "How many likes will this get on Facebook?"

There's a new theory as to why people get out and do things and it's not because of the experiences. scientists believe it m…
Can You Be Facebook Friends With Your Co-workers?
Can being friends with your co-workers on social media cause issue?
When you post anything on social a media is it really private? Of course it isn't but do we really need people at the office knowing all of our personal information?

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