It has happened in Beacon, Cold Spring and this spot might be next after a viral video caught a lot of attention.

We've all heard about how the Hudson Valley has been invaded...

Many people believe it's all the city people who moved here during the pandemic and how other people just want to live here because it's become an appealing area. Regardless, it has seemed extra packed around and many cute small towns have now become nightmares to try to navigate, especially during the weekends.

A small lower Hudson Valley town recently went viral and it could be the next one on the list...

bedfordnewcaananmag Tik Tok/Canva
bedfordnewcaananmag Tik Tok/Canva

Recognize it?

Katonah seems to be the latest town to go spend a weekend at and has gone viral for all the cool things it has to offer. Katonah is in Westchester County (I know there's always a huge debate if that's in the Hudson Valley or not), but we count it. Katonah is a hamlet that's within the Town of Bedford and it has its own library, train station, and tons of cool restaurants.

The video highlights some popular spots like:

  • LMNOP Bakery
  • John Jay Homestead:


This is a good thing and a bad thing. It's always really nice to highlight a Hudson Valley town, give it the attention it deserves and talk about some local cool places. However, this means tons of people could potentially be flocking to Katonah and really ruin the atmosphere by making it so crowded.

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The big question is, will this be the next spot that will become invaded?

I guess we're just going to have to wait and see what happens. Here's to hoping there's room for everyone and it doesn't become too crowded.

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