Madison's Pizza Cafe in Pleasant Valley is celebrating a milestone.

There a lot of great pizza places throughout the Hudson Valley, and in the Pleasant Valley area, one of the best spots is Madison's. My family has been getting pizza and other food from Madison's for years.

It's a great family-owned spot that not only offers some of the best pizza (they made our list last year of 7 Great Pepperoni Pizza Spots in Dutchess County) but a full menu of Italian-American favorites, from pasta and baked dishes to wraps and sandwiches.

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Madison's Pizza Cafe was established in 2004 by Jason Kiggins along with his wife Madeline. The business was named after the couple's eldest daughter Madison. The family also owns and operates another popular restaurant Jason Patricks on 44, another restaurant that my family raves about. Jason Patricks is known for serving up American comfort food, and they feature live entertainment as well.

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Many of my friend's bands often perform at Jason Patricks. They also made our list of Best Hudson Valley Prime Rib Spots last year. Both Madison and Jason Patricks made some of our lists last year, they must be doing something right!

20 Years of Madison's Pizza Cafe

Madison's Pizza Cafe recently celebrated 20 years, and Giuliana Kiggins took to social media and the Pleasant Valley Exclusive Facebook group to congratulate her parents on 20 years at Madison's Pizza Cafe, posting pictures of a celebration for the anniversary that included an amazing-looking 20th-anniversary cake.

20 years at MADISON'S PIZZA CAFE!! so proud of my amazing Parents!

-Giuliana Kiggins


attachment-Madison's 20 Years

Congrats to the Kiggin's family on 20 years at Madison's Pizza Cafe, and here's to 20 more!

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