The Town Board has been proposing to change the Ridgeline Code and lower the protection to the Marlboro Mountains.

It's been talked about for years. The constant development of housing and businesses all over the Hudson Valley threatens the landscape of the beautiful region we live in. In Marlboro, NY, residents are concerned about changes being proposed by the Town Board that will do just that.

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Save Marlboro Ridge is made up of concerned citizens working to preserve the natural beauty of the community for the sake of the economy and future generations. With the Marlboro Mountains being an area known for the growth of grapes and stone crop fruits, the Town identified the protection of the area 20 years ago, realizing the importance of the area by enacting the Ridgeline and Steep Slope Law.

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Now there is the threat of negatively impacting the development of the ridgeline with the Town proposing to lessen the protection. This could lead to clearing and building of houses on the ridgeline, forever changing the beautiful views.

According to the Save Marlboro Ridge website, the proposed change to the current law would have a significant impact on the community by allowing additional stormwater runoff, fragmenting forestland, and ruining the viewshed which would impact agritourism and the economic vitality it attracts.

When people come to Marlboro and Milton to the “pick your owns”, the wineries and the restaurants, they are coming because they are attracted to the beauty of our region.

-Save Marlboro Ridge

Save Marlboro Ridge is on top of this story with details on Town Board meetings and their Facebook page has information on how to best protect the Marlboro Mountains.

You can find their Facebook page with more information on the cause here.

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