As landmark Poughkeepsie hotel transitions to DoubleTree by Hilton, amazing renovations are being done.

The Poughkeepsie Grand has been synonymous with the City of Poughkeepsie and the Civic Center for as long back as I can remember. With the construction of the Mid Hudson Civic Center (Now MJN Convention Center) in the 1970s, the hotel was part of the general attempt at rehabilitation of the central district of the City of Poughkeepsie.

The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, at 40 Civic Center Plaza, is adjacent on the same block as the Civic Center and was originally designed to be constructed simultaneously with the Civic Center and financed by Hilton. The hotel construction was then abandoned after the foundation was laid. Four years after the completion of the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Raddison Hotels bought the hotel property and after a re-design of the original hotel plans, construction of the hotel resumed.

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Back in 1998 when the hotel was run under the name The Poughkeepsie Sheraton, rocker Marilyn Manson famously destroyed several hotel rooms after a concert at the Mid Hudson Civic Center, making national headlines. "Marilyn Manson proceeded to the Poughkeepsie Sheraton, where they went on to destroy their hotel rooms by burning the carpets, staining the sinks and bathtubs with more hair dye, and disturbing the other hotel guests with their level of noise," according to the New York Post.

DoubleTree Grand Hotel By Hilton Coming Soon

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Facebook
Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Facebook

The conversion date for the newly rebranded DoubleTree Grand Hotel By Hilton will take place just in time for the holidays according to The Poughkeepsie Grand's official Facebook page.

The Poughkeepsie Grand has also shared some great photos of the new lobby/restaurant and bar and newly renovated hotel bathrooms.

The new lobby at DoubleTree Grand Hotel By Hilton offers soft seating and a new restaurant and bar.

Beautiful, newly renovated bathrooms are featured in each room.

UPDATE*** The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel has been doing a lot of teasing regarding the renovations as you can see on their Facebook page, and they just unveiled the biggest, and most important renovations of all. The Rooms!

Out with the old in with the new. We are excited to announce all of our guests checking in will now be in all new rooms!

The new beautifully renovated rooms, will feature bathrooms with Premium shower ammenities and all new bathroom fixtures, plus each room will have new premium mattresses and 55 inch TV's with premium HD channels and Netflix streaming.

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