Having a big backyard can be a real benefit when it comes to extra privacy, more storage, or overall happiness. But having a small yard doesn't mean that you're not successful Congested and expensive areas, particularly in the Northeast, can lack space to begin with.

But just how small are backyards in cities and towns in New York state compared to other states?

Average Backyard Size in New York 

Lawn Starter recenlty compared 2,000  of the biggest U.S. cities based on the average yard sizes of single-family homes from the Federal Housing Finance Agency According to their findings, only the top 150 cities in our ranking enjoy lawns larger than the national average of half an acre.


According to Lawn Starter's study, Ithaca had the state's largest yards, and 88th in the country overall,  0.564 acreage (a little over half an acre). A number of other areas, including some Hudson VAlley towns, made the list, though no others made the top 100.

  • 151. New City
  • 170. Monsey
  • 181. Huntington Station
  • 182. Kiryas Joel
  • 207. Medford
  • 267. Dix Hills
  • 273. Smithtown
  • 288. Middletown
  • 345. Newburgh
  • 356. Poughkeepsie
  • 385. Saratoga Springs
  • 392. Auburn
  • 403. Spring Valley
  • 407. Rome
  • 448. Harrison
  • 473. Watertown
  • 486, Ossining
  • 625. Kingston
  • 626. North Tonawanda
  • 629. Centereach
  • 639. Coram
  • 647. Elmira
  • 657. Commack
  • 663. Shirley

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How Many Vacant Homes Are There Across New York State?

New York has long had an issue with foreclosure, and recent skyrocketing prices have only increased the problem.

Notice a lot of empty homes in your neighborhood? This may be a bit hard to believe with the housing market so hot right now. But not all these homes are falling apart. Other factors, such as a house remaining on the market for an extended period, or its being used as a vacation home are other things to consider.

The Data

LendingTree used the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau to come up with the numbers. Places with higher vacancy rates are not always less expensive, as many of us know living here in New York. According to the study, Florida has the highest vacancy rate in the country at 1,680,844.

Empty House Across New York

According to LendingTree, New York state has 955,437 empty homes.

This makes it 4th in the nation for vacancies, only behind Florida, California, and Texas. However, if you look at New York's overall vacancy rate, which divides the number of vacant households by the total number of households in a state, the figures weren't quite as jarring. New York ranked 28th in the country, with a vacancy rate of 11.31%. The state has 7,488,719 currently occupied units, according to these figures.

The national average is around 11.66%, which places New York slightly below. Vermont had the highest rate at 22.86%.

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