While law enforcement in New York is always on the lookout for those who may be driving while impaired, they will often ramp up patrols around the time of special occasions, holidays, or long weekends. Aside from seeing more patrol vehicles on the roads and highways, you'll also more than likely see increased sobriety checkpoints in the area.

The Super Bowl is certainly one of those special occasions where New Yorkers and Americans love to gather to celebrate.

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According to RestaurantWare, football fans will drink about 325.5 million gallons of beer, equating to 50 million cases, during Super Bowl weekend alone. But with so much drinking going on, there's bound to be a few drivers on the roads who shouldn't be on the roads.

New York State Police Announce Super Weekend Arrests and Tickets 

The New York State Police announced Wednesday in a press release that troopers issued 6,876 tickets during a special STOP DWI traffic enforcement period over Super Bowl Weekend.

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While State Police said there were thankfully no fatalities over the weekend, they did announce the arrests of 139 people for DWI and investigated 245 crashes, which injured 37 people. Unfortunately, the Hudson Valley again led the state for alleged DWI arrests.

See full breakdown HERE.

For the New York State Police's report, they broke the region into Lower Hudson Valley and Upper Hudson Valley. According to their report, there were 43 DWI arrests in the lower Hudson Valley, and 13 in the upper Hudson Valley, totaling 56 DWI arrests.

NY State Police Press release
NY State Police Press release

The next highest region of the state for DWI arrests was Long Island, with 15, says State Police.

These statistics were gathered by State Police, and do not include local towns or municipalities.

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