If you are like me you have a BBQ but that doesn't mean you necessarily have the time it takes to make a tasty BBQ disk like Piggy Mac or Shortribs. Sure over the summer you may have time to smoke and grill all day but what about the rest of the year when time is short or the weather is cold?

Lucky for us the Hudson Valley is full of mouthwatering BBQ restaurants. This means eat-in or takeout choices for lip-licking favorites are available as long as you have the time to order them and plan a pickup. I could eat BBQ every day but for some, the question is should you?

BBQ Has Health Benefits?

Turns out that BBQing isn't as bad for you as you could be led to believe. Should you eat it every day? Probably not the BBQ swimming in delicious sugary sauce but BBQ itself does have benefits even if you aren't cooking it yourself.

PC: Smoky Rock BBQ via Facebook
PC: Smoky Rock BBQ via Facebook

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New York Health shared some benefits of eating BBQ including the fact that you aren't likely to add fat back to meats when you grill them which would make fatty meats grilled better for you than if you prepared them another way.

Of course, I think they may not be talking about the Piggy Mac or Chicken in Waffles I included in the restaurant gallery below. Remember, everything in moderation right?

What Company Made the First BBQ Sauce

So the first BBQ sauces were very different from what we use today as you might imagine but the base of vinegar, sugar, and other spices all played a part in what we call BBQ sauce today.

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According to multiple sources including Wikipedia the first official BBQ sauce was made in 1909 by the Georgia Barbecue Sauce Company of Altlanta.

Heinz was the first to bottle it and sell it in 1940. Locally the Hudson Valley has a popular brand for your home BBQ and even some of your favorite places to get BBQ use Al's Smokin' BBQ Sauce.

Al's Smokin' BBQ Sauce via Facebook
Al's Smokin' BBQ Sauce via Facebook

Tasty Hudson Valley Barbecue Restaurants

If you are looking for a place to enjoy BBQ in the Hudson Valley there is a great selection. You can stop and enjoy BBQ on a picnic table on your way to Resorts World Catskill at The Outpost on Route 209 in Kerhonkson. You can also eat BBQ farmside at John Fazio's in Modena. If you are looking for something more like an evening out to dinner try the BEAST in Fishkill or Handsome Devil in Newburgh.

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Must Try BBQ Places in the Hudson Valley, NY

BBQ is meant to be eaten year-round and the Hudson Valley has some pretty amazing places to grab your smokin' juicy favorites all year. From pulled pork to piggy mac to smoked duck pizza, these places we found for you won't disappoint your tastebuds or pocketbook. Pick out what looks the most delicious. Start there and then eat around the Hudson Valley at all these tasty BBQ restaurants.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn