A local animal rescue has shared a heartbreaking update on one of their latest fosters.

Wilma's Newburgh, New York Rescue Story

In early April 2024, Take Me Home Pet Rescue shared that they just welcomed a new foster dog named Wilma. The rescue explained that the pup was found after she was abandoned from a U-Haul Truck in Newburgh, New York.

The team at Take Me Home Pet Rescue jumped into action making sure that Wilma was in good health and ready to find a forever family. However, they learned that she was pregnant with 4 puppies at her first vet appointment.

At that point, TMH hit the ground running asking the community for help in collecting donations for what would be hefty vet bills for Wilma and her future puppies.

After receiving amazing support from the Hudson Valley community, TMH Pet Rescue teamed up with Mary Jane's Dairy Bar in Newburgh to throw Wilma a baby shower. Monetary donations, as well as food, toys, and other products, were donated to help Wilma and TMH navigate life with new puppies.

TMH Pet Rescue Shares Heartbreaking Update

Earlier this week, after her maternity photoshoot, Wilma was getting comfortable in her Whelping Pool. A vet visit determined that the 4 puppies would be here any day now. Wilma and her foster family were ready to welcome the pups to the world!

Sadly, Take Me Home Pet Rescue shared a heartbreaking update on May 17th, 2024. On Facebook, they explain that Wilma started to become sick and was immediately taken to the vet.

They explain further writing:

Unfortunately, during the ultrasound, MHV found that the unborn puppies did not have heartbeats and one was stuck in the birth canal. They did an emergency c-section, but the unborn puppies had already passed.

Wilma is now under close observation as she is fighting a serious stomach infection. You can read the full statement from Take Me Home Pet Rescue below:


Help Take Me Home Pet Rescue Find Homes For Rescued Dogs

When we get an update on Wilma we'll make sure to pass along the news. In the meantime, Wilma has some friends at Take Me Home Pet Rescue who are still looking for their forever homes.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue is unique in the fact that they don't have a shelter. They have several volunteer foster families. Take Me Home Pet Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit that saves dogs and cats from high-kill shelters, that rely on donations to continue their mission.

Let us introduce to you some of the dogs that are looking for their forever family:

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