It is hard not to follow the stories you see online about lost pets. It is even wilder sometimes to see the pets that actually get lost.

Sadly many animals these days are being dumped. In other words people either can't care for them or worse they are stolen and then the thief releases them sometimes hundreds of miles from where they were abducted.

Tortoise Lost in Hyde Park New York

There are many organizations in the Hudson Valley that help pets who are found out wandering. There are also many groups who make it their mission to get pets reunited with their human. Places like the Dutchess County SPCA  will often house an animal until it is either reunited or rehomed.

Canva / Lost Pets of The Hudson Valley
Canva / Lost Pets of The Hudson Valley

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Groups such as Lost Pets of the Hudosn Valley and HV LOST PETS work hard to keep up with animals that go missing or who are found wandering. Their determination is one of the reasons so many pets are reunited with their people. Unfortunately, not all pets return home.

Last month I told you about t a Sulcata tortoise who was found wandering in Hyde Park. Large and expected to be very old this poor tortoise was most likely released. People often don't realize how long a tortoise can live. It can be upwards of 150 years. Many who are familiar with this type of tortoise also say that they can be escape artists.

We may never know how this large tortoise came to wander the streets of Hyde Park, New York. No one knew the poor guy who was found in the cold which is bad for a tortoise. Plus After much publicity, no one came looking for the tortoise now lovingly named Donashello.

Dutchess County SPCA via Facebook
Dutchess County SPCA via Facebook

Donashello the Tortoise Finds a Home

So after spending 30 days with the Dutchess County SPCA, it was announced that Donashello had found a new home. The happy Tortoise is now calling a sanctuary home where he has already made a tortoise friend whose name is Fifi.

So it is a happy ending for Donshello thanks to the DCSPXA taking him in and a woman named Pauls YOung being determined to find him a home.

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