So it is no secret that I keep track of lost pets on social media. I keep track of the stories in the hope of a happy ending. Lately, it seems like there are an unbelievable amount of lost and found pets in the Hudson Valley. Cats, dogs, and the occasional bird but over the weekend I believe we had a lost pet first in Hyde Park.

At some point on Friday, March 22, it was reported that a tortoise had been found near Haviland Road in Hyde Park, New York. I discovered the story on Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley's Facebook page but it appears that the tortoise is now in the care of the Dutchess County SPCA.

Sulcata Tortoise Found Wandering in Hyde Park, New York

As you can imagine the comments on the post ran the gambit.

Many people were concerned that the Tortoise had been stolen and then abandoned. Some felt that this could have been an escape situation. Apparently, this type of tortoise is notorious for digging their way out of things.

The Dodo via YouTube
The Dodo via YouTube

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Surprisingly even though a few people were commenting sarcastically on "how do you lose a tortoise", one person mentioned that it's not like they run off. Even with all the comments, no one made a tortoise and a hare joke which I was waiting for being we are so close to Easter.

I decided to watch the post over the weekend to see how this might end.

It seems no one has come forward to say it is their Sulcata Tortoise. So either they still don't realize it is gone, which is unlikely given its size, or someone left it on the side of the road.

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So in the realm of the small world, I happen to know someone who had not one of these types of tortoise but they actually cared for four at one point. So I reached out for a bit of Tortoise information.

One post says that these tortoises can live to be over 100 years old and guess what, that is true. They can live to be one hundred and fifty years old. This is why they don't make great pets.

Basically, they outlive us and anyone we knew that might want to care for our turtle which is why my turtle friend also told me very often people just turn them loose thinking they can survive.

The Dodo via YouTube
The Dodo via YouTube

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The fact is that they can't survive and thrive in our climate. Sulcata tortoises are not from around here, the climate is not natural for them and they need a lot of specific care. Even my tortoise-loving friend has moved her four-shelled friends to a place where they can educate people and be properly cared for during their extremely long life span.

The Spruce Pets online has a lot of information if you are thinking you might want to offer to be this gentle giant's new home. Read through it carefully and remember you are going to need a plan for after you are gone because chances are your tortoise will outlive you.

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